Tomas Valent

a.k.a: Equivalent

Professional Life

I'm a Web Developer specializing in Ruby programming language and Ruby on Rails web framework (since 2009) and various technologies, databases, architectural, code-design and DevOps approaches related to them.

I'm best at Backend Development and Software Architecture, but I'm also a hands on Full Stack person.

Over the years I worked as a Web Developer for an e-commerce platform (2y), two social media apps (1.5y), corporate products (3y), ed-tech app (7y, Pobble).

For more career information and credentials please visit my LinkedIn, Github, Dockerhub, RubyGems profiles.

Open Source Life

I write web development Articles and sometimes give Talks. I also help out on StackOverflow, tweet about my favorite technologies and join programming discussions on Reddit.

List of my Open Source Contributions.

Personal Life

I used to live in London UK for 6 years. Now I live in Nitra (Slovakia) with my wife Zdenka and 2 daughters. I work fully remote for the UK job market (since 2016).

In my free time I enjoy metal music, play drums, bass and train Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

I also create side projects no one use but it's fun and I learn stuff.


You can reach me by email [email protected] or via Twitter @equivalent8

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