Tomas Valent

a.k.a: Equivalent

Professional Life

I'm a fullstack Web Developer specializing in Ruby programming language and Ruby on Rails web framework (since 2009) and various technologies, prog. languages, databases, architectural and DevOps approaches related to them.

Since 2021 my main focus is building Server Side Rendered HTML Frontends supported by Hotwire.

Over the years I worked as a Web Developer for an e-commerce platform (2y), two social media apps (1.5y), corporate products (3y), ed-tech app (Pobble, 7y), direct mail marketing platform (PostPilot, 2023-present), and a few other projects.

You can find my Articles, Talks and T.I.L. notes on my blog website: Web-development Blog

For more career information and credentials please visit my LinkedIn, Github, Dockerhub, RubyGems profiles.

Open Source Life

I write web development Articles and sometimes give Talks. I also help out on StackOverflow, tweet about my favorite technologies and join programming discussions on Reddit.

List of my Open Source Contributions.

Personal Life

I used to live in London UK for 6 years. Now I live in Nitra (Slovakia) with my wife Zdenka and 2 daughters. I work fully remote & async. for the US or UK job market (since 2016).

In my free time I enjoy metal music, play drums, bass and train Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu


You can reach me by email [email protected] or via Twitter @equivalent8

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